Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Network Map Navigation

Network Map Navigation

To view a necessary network map, you can click on its tab, or select it from the main window Map menu, or double click it in map tree, or select in map tree and press Enter. You can use search function to go to a map by its name.

If more than 10 maps from different folders are opened, then for convenience they are grouped by the folders in menu.

To return to the previous map, select ViewPrevious Map from the main window menu or press Alt+Left. To go back, select ViewNext Map in the main window menu or press Alt+Right.

A network map may also contain a link to another map. In this case it is possible to follow the link by double clicking it.

You can switch to next/previous map tab by pressing Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab key combinations respectively.

You can also quickly switch between map tabs by pressing Ctrl+<tab number>.

To move to the center of a network map, press the Move to center button, which is located on the scale panel of the status bar.

You can move a network map around by holding down the right or the middle mouse button or by using the arrow keys while holding down the Ctrl key.