Algorius Net Viewer Manual
General Information

General Information

The Algorius Net Viewer scans the devices engaged with all currently opened network maps. The scan is performed according to monitoring configuration defined for the application and for devices. Active and inactive network map devices are shown with different images, which are determined by the device type. You can configure the notification center to additionally display the monitoring results. See Notification System for more information.

The device tooltip, which appears when the mouse is hovered over a device, shows additional monitoring results, e.g., ping result or HTTP server error code, etc.

It happens that monitoring requests are lost in the network and don’t reach their destination. This usually happens when the network is overloaded. Algorius Net Viewer can automatically recheck devices if they stop responding in order to eliminate false alarms.

One of the Algorius Net Viewer features is that it uses the asynchronous monitoring technology. This technology ensures maximum efficiency and provides the ability to easily scan hundreds of devices simultaneously with minimum load.