Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Monitoring Configuration

Monitoring Configuration

To define the monitoring settings, select MonitoringSettings from the main window menu or press the Options button on the toolbar or press F8. The Options dialog box will appear:

The following parameters are available:

  • Refresh rate — refresh rate profiles configuration. In this section you can specify the frequency for each profile. See Refresh rate settings for more information.
  • Thread count — maximum number of devices scanned at a time — a number of simultaneously sent requests. Other requests will wait in line. This limitation minimizes network load and disperses the monitoring in time, which in turn improves the monitoring accuracy.
  • Scanning methods — see Scanning methods for more information.
  • Receive monitoring result from Web server — see Configuring Monitoring Client for more information.

Those devices having notifications assigned are always periodically scanned, regardless of the following monitoring settings: Scan devices periodically, Scan devices on the current map only, Scan only if the application is active. This method guarantees receiving server stop/start notifications in time.