Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Configuring Event

Configuring Event

To configure an event that is to be notified it is required to specify the following parameters:

  • Enable This Notification — if checked, the notification is active. This is to allow the quickly disabling of any notification.
  • Severity — an event severity type. In case if there happens any event, the map icon and the tray icon will change to one corresponding its severity type (to the maximum of all the events). See the table below. It is also possible selecting no notification actions for the event. In this case, the icon notification will only be used.
  • Map — a map that should be monitored for the specified event presence.
  • Device type — a type of device that may activate the specified event.
  • Scanning method — a scanning method of device that may activate the specified event.
  • Device — device that may activate the specified event.
  • State — a state of device that causes the specified event.
  • Duration — a time during which the device should stay in the activation state before the event activation.
  • Value — a value or range or values of scan result that may activate the specified event.
  • Actions — a list of actions that should be performed after the specified event happens.
Event severity Map icon Tray icon

After specifying the parameters, it is recommended that you test the event by pressing the Test button.