Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Configuring Mail Server

Configuring Mail Server

You will need to specify the following parameters to configure a mail server:

  • SMTP Host Name — SMTP server address, e.g.,
  • Sender — sender’s name and email.
  • SMTP Port — outgoing mail server port name with default values of 25 and 587 for standard and safe connection respectively.
  • Use SSL — safe SSL connection; recommended to be used if supported by the mail server.
  • Authorization — authorization method of e-mail server: None — server doesn’t required authorization; By password — user name and password are required for authorization; Domain — user name password and domain are required for authorization; System (Kerberos) — the current OS user’s login will be used to authenticate on the mail server. This authentication method is usually used in networks with domain policy for corporate mail servers.
  • Username — email account username; often coincides with the sender’s email address.
  • Password — email account password.
  • Domain — domain name for authorization (needed for domain authorization method only).

After specifying the parameters, it is recommended that you send a test message by pressing the Send test message button.