Algorius Net Viewer Manual
General Information

General Information

Password manager maintains the list of logins. Each login has a name, user name and password. Name also used as the login identifier. Logins can be used for automatic authorization on various network devices.

Password manager considers following aspects:

  • Security. All passwords are encrypted with high security level and are available for current OS user only. Microsoft RSA Crypto Provider is used for encryption. Encryption key is stored in the special protected Windows repository and is available for current OS user only. Size of RSA key depends on Windows version and usually equals to 1024 bit. The same way is used to store all passwords which are specified in Algorius Net Viewer settings: for e-mail notifications, Web access etc. If file with application settings is transferred to another machine, then all passwords should be set again due to security reasons.
  • Multiuser support. Several users can use different logins for the same network map. Moreover, passwords and user names for authorization on devices are not stored in the maps. Maps store only login names (identifiers) to enhance the security.
  • Convenience. All passwords and usernames are specified in application settings in one single place. It is possible to assign the same login for different devices. You can specify which login to use for different devices. Group operations feature allows making that for several devices on different maps. There is default login, which can be used for devices with no login specified.