Algorius Net Viewer Manual


'External' plugin enables device scanning using external utilities. It significantly expands the application functionality, since you can include any external application with scanning of network devices into Algorius Net Viewer.

If external application is the console application, then you can derive scanning result from console text. Console text is displayed when you drag a mouse over device. You can also display the result of external command in device hint in the same way.

There are following settings along with standard ones:

  • File — path to executable file.
  • Parameters — parameters to be sent to external utility when it is launched. You can use following masks for automatic value population: %IP% — device IP, %HOST% — device host name, %ADDRESS% — device address.
  • Set inactive state if response code is — if utility’s resulted code (ErrorLevel) meets the specified range, then device is considered as inactive.
  • Get numeric value from a console — if utility is a console application, then you can parse the console text and look for a number. This number will be used as a result of device scanning. If this ability is not used, then scanning result is defined as utility execution time (in milliseconds).
  • Prefix — prefix of console text before a number to look for. If prefix is not specified (blank), then first number is found. If number is not found, then device is considered as inactive.
  • Encoding — encoding to display console text by utility.
  • Timeout (sec) — time period to wait for external application completion. When this period is expired, external application is forcedly closed and device is displayed as inactive.