Algorius Net Viewer Manual


'MultiPing' plugin enables device scanning by sending the ICMP queries, just as it does the Ping.exe utility. This method is similar to 'Ping' method. Difference is that device is scanned several times and average response time is taken. It increases the scanning accuracy. Average response time (in milliseconds) is measured.

There are following settings along with standard ones:

  • Timeout (sec) — period of waiting for response from scanned device during every scan. When timeout is expired device enters inactive state.
  • Number of requests— number of ICMP requests sent to device during awaiting for response.
  • Sufficient response number — number of responses from a device, sufficient to consider this device active.

If the amount of received responses is less than the sufficient response number, then a device is considered inactive. Lost packages are not used for average response time calculation.