Algorius Net Viewer Manual


SQL plugin enables databases scanning by executing the SQL query. Following databases are supported: Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and also databases with SQL support for which there is an ODBC driver.

There are following settings along with standard ones:

  • Database — database type. There are various database connection settings depending on database type.
  • Port — only for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases — network port to connect to database. If no port is defined, default port for selected database is used.
  • Database name — only for MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases — name of a database to run SQL query.
  • Service name — only for Oracle database — service name of a database according to Oracle settings, for example: XE
  • Data source — only for MS SQL database — name of a data source for a database according to MS SQL settings.
  • Connection string — only for ODBC databases — DSN to connect to external database via ODBC See more information about ODBC in Configuring Logging.
  • Additional connection string — additional connection string for a database. Parameters above are used to compile the basic connection string. Additional connection string (if any) complements the basic connection string. Full connection string is used to connect to a database. Please check the following website for the detailed info on the connection string settings for various database types:
  • Query — SQL query to be executed.

All settings for ODBC connection are taken from connection string. For any other database types the address of a computer being scanned is used as a server name. Login from device settings is used as username and password. If there is no username specified, then Windows authorization is used.

Algorius Net Viewer runs SQL query in Scalar mode, i.e. it fetches the value of the first column/first row, returned by a query. This value is used as scanning result. All other columns and rows are ignored.