Algorius Net Viewer Manual


'SSH' plugin allows to poll devices using SSH – the operating system control protocol. The monitoring is performed by running one or several OS commands and obtaining the result from the console text. The last received console text is displayed in the tooltip when you hover on the device with the mouse.

In addition to the standard settings, the following is provided:

  • Port — port for connection via SSH, default is 22.
  • Authorization — authorization method: by password, or using a private key. For access by password, the login specified for the scanning method in the device settings is used.
  • Private key file — path to the file that contains the private key for authorization via SSH.
  • Key passphrase — password to decrypt the file with the private key.
  • Commands — one or more OS commands for execution.
  • Measure — measured value — command execution time (in milliseconds) or value from console text. If you choose to get the value from the console, then the console text will be analyzed, the number will be searched, and this number will be used as a result of the device scanning.
  • Prefix — only for values from console text — console text prefix, after which it is required to search for a number. If the prefix is not set (empty), then the first number in the text is found. If the number is not found, the device will be considered inactive.
  • Encoding — only for values from console text — the encoding, in which text is displayed in the console.
  • Regex — only for values from console text — regular expression for finding value in console text.
  • Measure unit — only for values from console text — measurement units of the requested value.
  • Multiplier — only for values from console text — the coefficient by which the resulting numerical value will be multiplied.
  • Timeout (sec) — waiting time for commands completion. At the end of this time, the connection is forcibly closed and the device is displayed as inactive.