Algorius Net Viewer Manual


'UDP' plugin enables device scanning by sending a package to device’s UDP port and waiting for response at the same port. Response time (in milliseconds) is measured.

There are following settings along with standard ones:

  • Message — text of package being sent. You can enter hex-message via ‘%’ sign, e.g. %0D%0A.
  • Port — number of UDP port to send packet to. Device can redefine this port in its address, e.g. Port in device address will be used in this case.
  • Local port — number of UDP port to send packet from. E.g. you can send request from port 7 to port 9 and wait for reply on port 7. If port 0 is specified as local port then operating system will assign first free port in upper range. Thus you’ll avoid conflicts with other applications if port is already assigned.
  • Timeout (sec) — period of waiting for reply from a device. When timeout is expired device enters inactive state.

This plugin uses UDP socket, listening to specified UDP port. Thus port should be free in the system and application should be launched with sufficient rights in order to enable correct work of this plugin.