Algorius Net Viewer Manual


'URI' plugin enables device scanning using the HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, or FILE protocol. Devices of this scanning method may have any URI address as address parameter, e.g. a website URL, or a website page URI, or a website file URI; a file or a directory in a local file system, etc. For example:

There are following settings along with standard ones:

  • Authorization — authorization method on the specified URI. Basic and By password authorizations use the login assigned to device. Integrated Windows (Kerberos) authorization is provided by OS and is used in corporate networks with domain policy. It uses the user name, password and domain of the current user of the operating system.
  • Measure — the type of the measured value: the duration of the connection with the specified URI, the status code at the specified URI, the content length at the specified URI, or the value from the content at the specified URI.
  • Text prefix — only if the measured value is Value from content — prefix of text in the content before a number to look for. If the prefix is not specified (blank), then first number is found.
  • RegEx — only if the measured value is Value from content — regular expression to search for value in the content.
  • Timeout (sec) — period of waiting for connection establishment with a device. When timeout is expired device enters inactive state.