Algorius Net Viewer Manual


'WMI' (Windows Management Instrumentation) plugin enables monitoring of different parameters: hard drives status, network interfaces status, launched processes and lots more. WMI Query Language (WQL) is used to access WMI. This language is a sort of SQL language. Maximum integer value from scanning results is measured.

A lot of other plugins are based on WMI plugin, for example:

  • 'Temperature' plugin executes the following script in 'root\\WMI' namespace: SELECT CurrentTemperature FROM MSAcpi_ThermalZoneTemperature
  • 'DriveFreeSpace' plugin executes the followingscript in 'root\\cimv2' namespace: SELECT DriveLetter, FreeSpace FROM Win32_Volume

There are following settings along with standard ones:

  • Namespace — name space to make a request.
  • Query — executable WQL query.
  • Regex — for text values only – regular expression to search for attribute value in a text.
  • Multiplier — coefficient by which the resulting numerical value will be multiplied.
  • Inactive, if any value — if any value meets the specified range, then device is considered as inactive.
  • Measure — measures current numeric value, difference between current and previous values, speed of value change. Measure current value defines the current values of various sensors (e.g. sensors of speed, temperature, available space). Measure difference between current and previous values measures the values of various counters (e.g. error counter, counter of sent data). It is supposed that counter value is always increasing, so if the value has decreased then measurement result will be 0, so that the application can analyze counter reset or overflow. Speed measurement makes it possible to calculate the speed of value changes of various counters – e.g. calculate the data transfer speed using the counter of transferred data. Speed is calculated based on the difference between previous and current values, divided by the scanning interval in seconds.
  • Measure unit — measurement units of the requested values.
  • Timeout (sec) — time period to wait for script execution completion. When timeout is expired device enters inactive state.

To simplify the configuration you can launch WMI browser to select required namespace and WQL query. See Troubleshooting for more information.

To enable WMI access, the application should be launched with sufficient rights and RPC service should be started on the remote computer.