Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Configuring Ports

Configuring Ports

To configure ports of a device, select the device and select Properties from its context menu. The Device Properties dialog box will appear. Select Ports tab:

There are following items in the editor:

Add (Ins) Add new port into the list.
Duplicate (Ctrl+D) Create copies of selected in the list ports.
Add Several (Ctrl+N) Specify the number and add several ports into the list.
Delete (Del) Delete selected ports from the list.
Cut (Ctrl+X) Move selected ports from the list to the clipboard.
Copy (Ctrl+C) Copy selected ports from the list to the clipboard.
Paste (Ctrl+V) Paste ports from the clipboard to the list.
Move Up (Ctrl+Up) Move up selected ports in the list.
Move Down (Ctrl+Down) Move down selected ports in the list.
List of ports List of ports with state displaying (active/inactive/unknown).
Name Port name to be shown in the device hint.
Address Port address to be used to determine the port activity. It can be IP address, DNS name, or URL depending on the scanning method chosen.
Scanning method Method of port scanning. See Scanning methods for more information.
Login Login to authorize for the specified scanning method. If no login is specified, then default login is used. See Password Manager for more information.
Logging Level of port logging. See Logging level settings for more information.
Refresh rate Frequency of port scanning. See Refresh rate settings for more information.
Speed Maximum port speed.
Description Port description.

One or more devices can be connected to the port. See Connections for more information.

If an address is defined for the port and a line connected to the port, then the port displayed on the map just above the line. See Interfaces for more information.