Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Configuring Reports

Configuring Reports

To configure reports, select FileOptions from the main window menu, or press the Options button on the toolbar or press F9. The Options dialog box will appear. Select the Reports tab:

You can create new report templates on Reports tab, including the options to copy existing reports, edit current report templates or delete them.

Checkboxes in report list allow to enable and disable reports. Disabled report is not available for execution and is not displayed in application interface and in the Web interface.

You can reorder report templates and types for your convenience by clicking Up (Ctrl+Up) and Down Ctrl+Down) buttons.

You can rename report template, type or category by clicking Rename button. Default name will be used if the value is blank.

Report Configuration Wizard opens by clicking Add, Copy or Edit buttons:

Select the type of new report template on the first page. This page is available only when you create new report template.

Select the report columns on the next page:

Order the report columns on the next page:

This page is available only for reports, displayed as a table. You can setup the column order using drag-and-drop or via Up and Down buttons. You can group the columns if there are many of them. Grouped columns are displayed under one common header.

Next page is used to specify the filters, which will be used in the report to filter records by defined criteria:

This page is available only for filter-compatible reports.

Specify the report parameters on the last page:

The following parameters are available:

  • Name — report template name.
  • Shortcut key — set of buttons to launch the report from application interface. Hotkey is not available for reports, launched from Web interface only.
  • Maximum number of records — the maximum number of records that will be available in the report.
  • Sort by — column to be used for record sorting in the report and the sorting direction. Available only for reports, displayed as a table.
  • Update automatically — enables automatic periodic update of the report.

Click Finish button to close the Report Configuration Wizard and apply the changes.