Algorius Net Viewer Manual


To configure scanning methods select MonitoringConfigure in main window menu, or press F8. The Options dialog box will appear:

To configure a scanning method, select it in the list and click Edit button. To create new scanning method, click Add button. To create new scanning method based on the current one, click Duplicate button. To remove the scanning method, click Delete button.

If a device is selected on the current map, its first scanning method is selected automatically in the list of monitoring settings. Thus you can quickly edit the scanning method settings of a particular device.

Select the plugin for scanning in Scanning method window. Enter the unique identifier of the scanning method – it will be used to link the method with the devices. Specify the scanning method name to be displayed. Scanning method’s name is displayed for selection, you can change it freely any time. Scanning method’s identifier is used for internal links and is not recommended to be changed. If identifier is changed, devices may fail to find its scanning method and you’ll have to specify it again.

Enter the parameters provided by the plugin and click OK to apply changes.