Algorius Net Viewer Manual


There are two ways to start SNMP MIB Browser:

  • In OID selection mode — in this case only MIB file tree is shown and information about each element of a tree. In order to launch browser in this mode click OID selection button in SNMP scanning method settings, select the required OID in the tree and click OK.
  • In SNMP values mode — in this case along with MIB files tree browser also shows current values of SNMP objects for selected device. In order to launch browser in this mode select MIB Browser in device context menu. It is located in Standard group by default. SNMP connection parameters are taken from scanning method of selected device. If there is no SNMP scanning for a device, then parameters are taken from SNMP scanning method in application settings.

SNMP MIB browser window consists of 3 major sections: