Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Editing Text Field

Editing Text Field

All basic text field operations, such as deleting, moving, etc. comply with the general rules. See the relevant chapters in the Network Map Objects section.

To edit a text field, select one and press Enter, or select Properties from its context menu. The Text Properties dialog box will appear:

The text properties editor allows specifying the following attributes:

  • Style — format of the text box: rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse or cloud.
  • Corner rounding — radius to round rectangle corners. Applicable for rounded rectangles as the text boxes.
  • Vertical alignment — align text vertically in a box. Applicable if text box is stretched by height.
  • Background — the text message background;
  • Transparency — transparency coefficient (percentage) of the text message background.
  • Shadow — the weight of the shadow that will appear below and right to the text message. If the text message background is not specified, the shadow is shown instead of the background and the text message will be displayed on a translucent background.
  • Frame — stroke, thickness, color and border-radius of the frames that is put around the text messages. The frame will not be shown in case the dash style is not selected.
  • Padding — the padding is the space between the text field border and the text message itself. For convenience, you can specify the common padding value, or put it separately for each text field edge.
  • Text — the text message to be shown on a network map.