Algorius Net Viewer Manual


Algorius Net Viewer can import network maps from Visio file.

You can use the completed Visio file to import it and create network map for further administration and monitoring.

Microsoft Visio should be installed in order to make an import.

In order to make an import select FileWizard in main menu or click F6. Network Discovery Wizard screen will be opened. Select Import from Visio file and click Next button. Specify the destination of Visio file and click Next button. Import of devices, their names, network addresses, links, text boxes will be started. When this process is finished click Finish button to create network map.

When importing, application is looking for the Algorius Net Viewer devices with the same identifiers as in Visio. If there are none, then question marks are displayed instead of such devices. Afterwards you can replace the undefined devices to the required type via Group operations. You can also add new devices via Device collection management.