Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Address String Format

Address String Format

If you want to start the Web server on a port, for example, 3234, on all network interfaces of the current computer, then specify the following address string:

  • http://+:3234/

The port number can be missed, in this case the Web server starts on the standard HTTP port (80), for example:

  • http://+/

You can set a specific URL, where the Web server will be available (in this case, access by another URL will be impossible), for example:

  • http://MyServer:3234/VirtualDir/
  • http://localhost

It is possible that the port is used by another application. In this case, you should consider, that Algorius Net Viewer Web server uses the Windows HTTP Server API. It gives possibility for many applications on a computer to listen on the same IP address and port — as long as each registers different address prefixes. For example, you can use http://MyServer/VirtualDir/, so another application would be free to listen http://MyServer. When a port is set, the host element can be replaced with '*' to specify that the Web server accepts requests sent to the port if the requested URI does not match any other registered one. For example:

  • http://*:8080/

Similarly, to specify that the Web server accepts all requests sent to a port, replace the host element with the "+" character:

  • https://+:8080

The '*' and '+' characters can be present in prefixes that include paths.

See Possible problems section if an error message appears when you start the Web server.