Algorius Net Viewer Manual
General Information

General Information

Web Server provides access to the application through Web interface that can be accessed by using any web browser. Web interface provides the following information:

  • List of the network maps.
  • Map images allowing to navigate through map devices or other maps.
  • Descriptions of devices and lines.
  • Reports on maps, devices, monitoring and inventory.
  • Monitoring diagrams.

Due to autorefresh option with period indication it is possible to perform dynamic monitoring via Web interface, and due to active client-side caching the application creates a minimum of network traffic and ensures maximum performance.

There are following features available:

  • Authentication.
  • Search.
  • Data filtration in reports by different parameters.
  • Report export into different formats (Word, PDF, Excel, XML, CSV).
  • Fullscreen mode.
  • Sorting inside reports by columns.
  • Fast navigation between maps.
  • Report generation based on the one map, group of maps or all maps.

One of the significant advantages of Algorius Net Viewer Web server is that it uses the Windows HTTP Server API. This is supported on Windows XP and above and gives possibility for many applications on a computer to listen on the same IP address and port — as long as each registers different address prefixes. For example, you can use http://MyServer/ANV/, so another application would be free to listen http://MyServer. This is of value because opening new ports on corporate networks can be politically arduous.