Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Checking the values

Checking the values

Just select the required class in the list to check its objects. All objects of this class will be displayed under the class, and data table will be populated with the property values of these objects. You can select specific object from the list and data table will be populated with property values for this object only.

If WMI browser is launched from configuration of WMI scanning method, you can select the required property of a specific class or object. Property value will be displayed. After clicking OK current namespace and WQL query will be selected for WMI scanning method.

When you have selected a class or an object, query to get its data is composed automatically. You can edit the resulted query and execute any other WQL query. Thus you can limit the query results or filter by various parameters. Just click Enter in query editor or Execute button on the right from editor to run the query.

Data in the table can be printed or exported to CSV format, which is compatible both with text editors and Excel.